Josef Pleskot

Ing. arch. Josef Pleskot was born in 1952 in Písek. In 1968–1972, he studied at the Písek Gymnasium. In 1979, he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical University, where he stayed for three more years as an assistant teacher. Then he worked at the Regional Project Institute in Prague until 1990.

Since 1991, he has been running his own studio, the AP Atelier. His projects are regularly covered by trade journals and have won many awards. The AP Atelier engages in different types of projects of many sizes. One of its characteristic features is an interest in the landscape and cultural heritage. The studio also pays great attention to societal events and public activities. It is a member of many professional committees.
Josef Pleskot is considered one of the most important contemporary Czech architects and is the recipient of many domestic awards, including the Grand Prix of the Architects’ Association. Internationally, he won, for example, the Brick Award for his tunnel in the Deer Moat near Prague Castle. In a professional poll organised by the Reflex magazine in 2009, he was voted the most important personality of Czech architecture in 1990–2009. One of his recent projects that has been highly appreciated was an extensive conversion of the former Vítkovice Ironworks complex in Ostrava which features the multifunctional auditorium Gong, the Bolt Tower blast furnace and the Karolina Triple Hall. For the Science and Technology Centre, he won the 2014 Architect of the Year prize.