1. 2. – 8. 5. 2013

Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář cordially invite you to the exhibition Malich organized by Prague Castle Administration.

"God bound man to the Earth by giving him the ability to bear continuations of himself. He let few of the many have the ability to see and understand the nithingness of everything. He changed this nothingness into energy which gives those who see and recognise it the ability to create. When they create, they forget this nothingness for a moment and form their conception of the world."

Karel Malich, 1970

"Malich is understandable and natural, human in its perception of reality. His strength rests in his ability to concentrate and focus on the usual phenomena that are a part of our lives. He naturally perceives al this and records it in an entirely different and new manner for the rest of us living in the bustle of the city, reshaping it into surprising and unexpected values."

Federico Díaz, 2013

Exhibition development team / Tomáš Vlček /curator/, Federico Díaz, Zdeněk Sklenář
Architect / Federico Díaz
Graphic design / Aleš Najbrt, Bohumil Vašák /Studio Najbrt/