David Hanvald: Conceptual Spring in Aesthetic Prague

3. 5. – 14. 7. 2018

We cordially invite you to the free guided tours in the presence of the artist on 22 May and 19 June, 2018 at 6 pm. 
Admission: Free
Due to limited capacity, please confirm your participation by sending an email to: galerie@zdeneksklenar.cz 

For me, a painting is a visual affair, the result of a construction of thoughts and ideological development, which, at the same time, has aesthetic qualities. I do not primarily think of it as a work of art, but rather as the birth of something which is linked to a certain degree of professional skill and rational thinking. And this combination gives rise to a result that may be called a painting.
DAVID HANVALD, Prague, 11 April 2018