Josef Pleskot: From Fairy-tale to Fairy-tale / I Climb Into, I Climb Over, I Climb, I Climb Down, I Climb Out

30. 6. – 30. 9. 2018

We cordially invite you to enjoy your first walk through the air 
on 30 June 2018 at 6 pm 
1art – 2art, Mariánská Street, Litomyšl, CZ 
Both Josef Pleskot and Zdeněk Portlík will be there too. 
We look forward to seeing you! 

As a part of the artistic programme Smetana’s Creative Litomyšl, which takes place within the context of the Smetana’s Litomyšl National Festival, Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář, in collaboration with the architect Josef Pleskot and the Litomyšl-based developer and investor Zdeněk Portlík, will present Josef Pleskot’s original installation entitled From Fairy-Tale to Fairy-Tale / I Climb Into, I Climb Over, I Climb, I Climb Down, I Climb Out. This is an entirely functional installation connecting the 2ar(t) zen garden with what is the world’s second smallest private park for art and relaxation –1ar(t) – both designed by Josef Pleskot. The architect describes this summer installation, which will be open until mid-September, as “an experiential walk through the air”. At a height of 2.5 metres above the ground, visitors will be able to walk from one garden to the other along a unique path more than seventy metres long and built of scaffolding tubes.

“You can walk from one special world to another, at the same time enjoying the extraordinary experience of being torn away from reality. You can experience a tiny joy,” says Pleskot, adding that at a height of more than two metres the surrounding reality is transformed, taking on a meditative dimension, similar to that of the zen gardens he also designed.

According to the gallerist Zdeněk Sklenář, who is Pleskot’s collaborator on a number of projects, “Pleskot’s surprising installation is a celebration of sharing and playfulness for all generations – for young and old visitors alike.”