Josef Achrer: NO Sleeps In The Forest

11. 9. – 12. 10. 2019

FREE GUIDED TOUR in Czech Language 
A commented tour with the personal participation of the artist has been scheduled to accompany the exhibition, and will take place on 5 October 2019 starting at 11 am.
Due to limited space, please register by sending an e-mail to:, until 30 September 2019. 

"Charlie Chaplin, Susanne Wenger, Paul Gauguin, and many others sought refuge in tropical forests with the hopes of finding the serenity they had lost as well as themselves. Far from the hectic centers of Western society. Each era has its own direction, and the masses let themselves be led by it. In many people, though, certain doubts may start to accumulate, and some individuals cultivate a definitive NO attitude to the ideals and discoveries of their time. This inner NO takes on many forms. They include walking through the forest in the dark, the life of a hermit, or the solitude of an artist. I am interested in the destinies of those people who are driven by circumstances and their sensitivities to express major NOs in their lives because of their desire to go further, to those places that people who let themselves be carried by the stream never reach."
Josef Achrer, 2019

Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář is pleased to present Josef Achrer’s solo show NO Sleeps in the Forest. In this exhibition, Achrer, known mainly for his focused exploration of the relationship between information and data in today’s information society, presents an entirely new position of his art. For this show at the Schönkirch Palace, the artist has created a series of paintings with the theme of looking for refuge in a tropical forest in the effort to find lost serenity and, ultimately, to also find oneself. Achrer astounds with the striking colourfulness of his canvases and an open preoccupation with traditional painting techniques. This is also the first time spectators will be able to see a cycle of larger photograms, which are new for Achrer and a true surprise for those who love his work. This photographic technique, known chiefly from the work of artists such as Man Ray and László Moholy-Nagy, is, in this case, used in a new painterly respect. In relation to this, Achrer himself says that it is a true realisation of the term photography in the sense of drawing with light.

In relation to Josef Achrer’s latest creations, the gallerist Zdeněk Sklenář says: “For me, Josef Achrer is an example of an artist whose moral responsibility is inspirational. After his previous paintings, which gave rise to the term ‘infomanic society’, he is now introducing himself with some that are entirely new, which spring from his previous periods and indicate the artist’s move forward.”