EXPO 2010
Federico Díaz: LacrimAu

1. 5. – 31. 10. 2010

LacrimAu is a major installation consisting of a sculpture in the shape of a human tear drop cast of 24K gold (dimensions: 80 cm high, 50 cm width). The installation further consists of an automatic pipette station that mixes fragrances and an interactive armchair placed in a glass room made of surveillance glass.
Human tears may be one of the few liquid substances in our society we have not commercialized yet - unlike blood, milk, sperm or water.
Gold is a symbol of power and wealth, but also of wars, sorrow and emotions. It is, in fact, an element playing a major role in stabilizing world systems. Amidst multiple world crises, Díaz proposes working artistically with gold in order to use it for proving that art can triumph over any crisis or political purpose.
The existence of practically all living organisms depends on the sense of smell. The memory of certain aromas can powerfully evoke moments remembered: various sounds, sights, faces and thoughts all passing before one‘s mind‘s eye.
Smells can trigger intense feelings and deeply encoded emotions, perhaps more strongly than any other senses. At the moment of birth, smell along with touch is a very first sensation that connects us to the world. The memory of certain scents penetrates deeply into the history of our human genetic code.


Glass cube about 4 times 4 meters housing 24K golden tear drop, an armchair, and a special automatic pipette station. One person at the time visits the glass interior.
Two people operate the installation. One outside the glass cube attends visitors while the second inside is assisting those who have taken their place in an armchair directly in front of the tear drop.
Outside visitors can see what is happening inside whereas the person inside sees only his or her own reflexion thanks to a semi transparent surface of the glass cube.
Looking at the golden tear drop, the visitor will be instructed how to be part of creating their own personal fragrance. The chair interacts with the body heat and EEG brain waves activity etc. This complex information will serve to create the unique Golden Fragrance for every five hundredth visitor of The Czech Pavilion at EXPO 2010 in Shanghai.
Using hundreds of essence liquids, the special portable pipette station hooked up on the sensors and the visitor occupied armchair is mixing a personal scent for each individual visitor. At the completion of each performance, the visitor leaves with a small flacon of his or her personal Golden Fragrance representing a memory of this truly exceptional experience.