Petrkov! Petrkov! Petrkov!

23. 6. – 15. 8. 2020

An intimate exhibition of artistic gems by a painter enshrouded in myth

During the summer season of 2020, Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář is pleased to present an intimate exhibition of Bohuslav Reynek’s famous prints. The exhibition’s name – Reynek  Petrkov! Petrkov! Petrkov! – refers to the village near Havlíčkův Brod, where the artist was born, lived his life, and also made the majority of his artworks. The family homestead in Petrkov became a fixed concept for Bohuslav Reynek’s fans and even a pilgrimage site for many. The artist’s immediate surroundings and the countryside of his birthplace appear repeatedly in his prints. At this exhibition, these motifs are interspersed with prints of the artist’s favourite biblical scenes and some of his rare still lifes. His beautiful Pieta, made using drypoint, etching, and colour monotype techniques, has been given a place of honour. This particular work radiates humility and an impressive emotional strength, both of which are characteristic of Reynek’s art. Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář is in the possession of the most extensive set of originals from the artist’s legacy. This exhibition is yet another tribute memorialising the extremely significant role that Bohuslav Reynek’s oeuvre played in twentieth-century Czech art.
Exhibition Author: Zdeněk Sklenář
Architectural Design: Zdeněk Sklenář

Guided tours have been planned to accompany the exhibitions, which will take place on Saturday 25 July, 8 August and 15 August 2020 starting at 11 am. Please register by sending an email to: