Infosphere: Kamila B. Richter, Michael Bielicky, Peter Weibel, Nam June Paik

14. 9. – 20. 10. 2021

The guided tour scheduled for October 13, 2021, has been moved to a new date:
16 October 2021, at 11 am
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Kamila B. Richter, a transcendental generator of digital patterns

Michael Bielicky, the rider on a data perpetuum mobile

The godfather of media art, Nam June Paik, a dancer on the information highway, combining eternal wisdom with temporary technology into media magic.

Peter Weibel, media rebel and the mastermind of the European media scene

The earth is surrounded by an electromagnetic field. In the 19th century this field was made usable for humans. Faraday turned magnetism into electricity. Distance technology (Greek: tele = distance), from telegraphy to telephone, from television to radio, used electromagnetic waves to wirelessly send images, texts and sounds around the globe. Today, through orbital satellites and cellular communications, the earth is surrounded by a shell that is just as important for survival as the biosphere and the atmosphere: the infosphere. The mainstream demands confirmation of the known and the banal. The future demands an art that shapes the technical options of the infosphere in an innovative and creative way.
Peter Weibel