Toyen: La Dégustation

9. 6. – 5. 7. 2022

9 June–5 July   Open daily   from 11 am to 7 pm

"The painter Toyen is exhilarating. For many, she represents healthy womanhood, gentleness, love, humanity, and distress, while others see her as a symbol of harshness, anti-womanhood, and the tearing down of social conventions. Having had to face many difficult life trials, today this femme fatale of surrealism is yet again interpreted and disinterpreted, and subjected to what are often brutal attacks of the disease of the times.  When in 2021, I acquired several dozen originals by Toyen from a comprehensive, carefully built collection, I decided to publish a book about her as yet unexplored period (1947 -1977), during which she created a number of literary treasures. Soon Karel Srp and I will publish a rare book that will take you into the fascinating battle regarding her rendition of beauty, truth, and freedom. Let this exhibition provide you with a first glimpse of the literary art of an exceptional artist, which will subsequently increase the value of a comprehensive exhibition at my gallery in Prague."
Zdeněk Sklenář, Vienna, 27 April 2022