Karel Malich: Relief 1963–2012

19. 10. – 29. 10. 2022

“During the first half of the 1960s, not only did Karel Malich create numerous sculptures, reliefs, drawings, and prints, but he also made many entries in his sketchbooks of designs for future three-dimensional works, some of which he immediately rendered in the form of small paper models.”      

“When, in the 1990s and then after 2000, his retrospective exhibitions began to be organised, he allowed some of these paper models to be made in their originally planned size and using the selected material. One example is his relief from 1963, the central shape of which became a box that originally contained film. First, he cut an opening into the box and then he pasted a rectangle from corrugated cardboard onto it. In the lower section, he added two hollow paper cylinders of different widths.”

Excerpt from text by Karel Srp, 4 October 2022