Václav Boštík 110: Bloody Laurels

9. 11. – 9. 12. 2023

Blood Laurels was written and published in 1938 by Václav Boštík's (1913-2005) uncle František, who worked in Chotěbor as a teacher at the local grammar school and also as a priest. In the book, he recorded the peasant uprising in Litomyšl region led in 1680 by the miller Lukáš Pakosta, who was one of the previous owners of Václav Boštík's later family home in Horní Újezd. This title was highly valued by the young Václav at the time, among other things because it was one of the first opportunities for his artistic endeavours, when he was able to illustrate the book.
With this intimate remembrance we celebrate the 110th anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest painters of our history.

We are pleased to announce that a new edition of the Václav Boštík monograph will be presented during the exhibition by art historian and curator Karel Srp. We will inform you about the date electronically. This publication, which will be available exclusively at the Zdeněk Sklenář Gallery, can be reserved by emailing event@zdeneksklenar.cz.