Josef Achrer: NO DATA

14. 9. – 28. 10. 2017

„NO DATA is the last accessible information. It forms the boundaries of an enormous data space and it is highly likely that the majority of us will never encounter it again. I don’t know exactly why, but I have an urgent need to communicate this message through painting, through romantic landscapes, and to engrave it on the top of my worktable.”
Josef Achrer, 3 September 2017
The NO DATA exhibition is an intimate sample of today’s monumental painting.

The silent, concentrated painter Josef Achrer (born in 1982). His Manifesto of Dataism and the Infomanic Society awakens the discussion. It warns against the dramatic abuse of electronic data, from an inability to cope with its floods.In painting, he defines it in relation to its use.

From October 2016 we can see extensive exhibition activities in China (Today Art Museum in Beijing, Baijia Lake Museum Nanjing, L Art Gallery in Chengdu and others), a lecture at the prestigious CAFA University of Beijing, two residential stays at the Studio – Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář – CCC Beijing, culminating with this year’s Prague Power Boost – Kintera / Achrer/ Číhal exhibition at the Ludwig Museum in Koblenz, Germany. Last but not least, three valuable catalogs, of which RGB3D / 01 / DATA / 240×169,5MM / 2015 /16 and The Manifesto of Dataism and the Infomanic Society won the most beautiful catalogue award in the Most Beautiful Czech Book of 2016.