Josef Pleskot: 2ar(t)

17. 6. 2017

A new Zen garden, designed by architect Josef Pleskot, will become a haven for art, creativity and relaxation.
Occupying the space of 164m², the new project in Mariánská Street – Josef Pleskot’s 2art Zen garden – is a continuation of the previous art and relaxation park 1art. It is again realized by the gallerist Zdeněk Sklenář and doctor Partik Krpčiar. The space, which originally served as a garage, is being reinvented by Sklenář and Pleskot into a geometrically designed Zen garden and occasional sculpture park, reclaiming the social function of this historical knoll of Litomyšl where it is situated.

“Where else could there be 1 are of a Zen garden than in Litomyšl? Where else should the entrance be but from Mariánská Street? Where else to go from it, but to mount Olivet... with a French garden. These are the Litomyšlian paradoxes, therein lies Litomyšl’s greatness,” says the architect Josef Pleskot about the Zen garden project.

Visitors of the Zen garden, which consists of pebbles and grass, will also be able to use their creativity and, taking their queue from Japanese dry landscape gardens, will be able to draw various patterns into the allotted space. These works may be modeled on instructive geometrical drawings designed by the architect, Josef Pleskot. The garden will also be used as a sculpture park whose dramaturgy will work in tandem with the neighboring Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář.