Josef Achrer: Dataism and the Infomanic Society

6. 4. – 4. 6. 2016

You can find out more about Josef Achrer’s declaration not only through his artworks, but also in the associated publications, specifically his The Manifesto of Dataism and the Infomanic Society, and the exhibition catalogue RGB3D/01/DATA/240X169,5MM/2015/16., which includes a preface by Professor Lű Penga entitled “The Premise: Data and Information.
On Josef Achrer’s New Works”.  

“Since May 2015, I have been creating intentionally deformed paintings, which, through their alteration, imperfection, information and manipulation, enter into the third dimension, yet still remain paintings and are data. They consist of information that flows in a chaotic current and becomes data only when the paint comes into contact with the painting’s surface, placed there by hand or instruments.”
- Josef Achrer

“In the course of its discovery of the world, humanity has constantly had misgivings about the world. Methodologies for the premises, analyses, and even solutions for questions ceaselessly arise and bring unexpected results. Hence, as one reads in the artist’s declaration on Dataism, Achrer addresses the questions that humankind faces while using traditional materials. Josef Achrer has thus embraced one of the most fundamental qualities of art: the existence of art as an opinion, not a language.” 
Lű Peng, Professor, and Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chengdu, People’s Republic of China