Lubomír Typlt: The Young Gods

9. 6. – 6. 8. 2016

Three years have passed since Zdeněk and I were preparing an exhibition of my new paintings for his gallery on Smetanovo nábřeží. A gas explosion destroyed much more than just our plans.
Now, I am presenting my entirely new paintings on Salvátorská Street – works that were specifically conceived for this particular exhibition space. The brilliant magenta tone opens up an enormous space for the viewer’s imagination.
I do not offer any explanation for the rows of standing young men, portrayed as a group, and all in the REM sleep phase, characterised by rapid eye movements. Could they be sleeping young gods?”
Lubomír Typlt, 26 May 2016

Karel Srp is the exhibition curator and author of the monograph Lubomír Typlt: The Ticking Man