Data Steel

Colours of Ostrava
16. 7. – 19. 7. 2015

Timeless exhibition by the Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář, DATA STEEL, to be seen at the Colours of Ostrava 2015

The pulsing art event Data Steel is ready to be seen at the bottom of the Bolt Tower. The mysteriously inspirational premises have made it possible for some surprising art installations and artists to be presented for the third time at the Colours of Ostrava. This time, the gallery is bringing in two extraordinary young Germans – Jan Cordes and Victor van Weten, who will, together with the key protagonist of the New Media in the Czech Republic, Michael Bielicky, introduce you to the world of virtual revelations. 

Through the exhibition concept, Michael Bielicky points out a synthesis of two strong momentums when the seminal moments in the evolution of civilization occurred. Data Steel, a metaphor for a radical transformation from running steel to running data, explores the intangibility of data. Data, ceaselessly hunting us and becoming a spectre of sorts which serves us yet also make us uncomfortable. Visitors of the steel town will be fused with the data flows presented. 

This year, the Zdeněk Sklenář Gallery is delighted not only to offer an exhibitory space and to introduce remarkable foreign artists, but also to celebrate its own jubileum – the 25th founding anniversary, being commemorated right during this artistic event. 

At the close of the festival, Jan Světlík will decide whether he will award one of the artists. It would be the third consectuve time that the so-called Jan Světlík Art Award has been given away. In previous years, Magdaléna Jetelová (2013) and Karel Malich (2014) were venerated and received the Life-Work Award. Moreover, Marek Číhal (2013) and Josef Achrer (2014) can be proud to have received the Art Talent Award.