Federico Díaz: Eccentric Gravity

9. 9. – 31. 10. 2015

Prague Castle Administration and Zdeněk Sklenář Gallery cordially invite you to see the exhibition Federico Díaz Eccentric Gravity, held from 9 September till 31 October 2015 at Prague Castle’s Royal Summer Palace

Curator: Jérôme Sans

Federico Díaz. New materiality. Gravity and Symmetry. The Classical and Renaissance Traditions of the Mathematics House at Prague Castle’s Royal Garden.

A prospective exhibition of Czech-Argentinean visual artist Federico Díaz, created especially for the Royal Summer Palace at Prague Castle, connects the most radical gestures in the art career of this conqueror and investigator of connections between art and its socio-scientific context (such as his LacrimAu Golden Tear from Shanghai and Geometric Death Frequency-141 from Massachusetts) with his current work (You Welded the Ornament of the Times from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and Consistency from Buenos Aires). The exhibition at Prague Castle first presented Eccentric Gravity as a comprehensive work, its scope intersecting the history of famous ceremonies held at Belvedere during the reign of Ferdinand I of Habsburg, the times when astronomer Tycho Brahe used Belvedere as his observatory and “mathematics house”, and up to Federico Díaz’s investigation of the new materiality on which our contemporary society is based – in an effort to define the universal language of civilizational contexts unaffected by communication.