1685 Days and Nights

10. 12. 2017 – 11. 3. 2018

Masterpieces of contemporary and classic art.

“How can one instil silence – and that special atmosphere of a temple or a chapel to which Zdeněk Sklenář likes to compare his galleries – into a palace that stood devastated for years and has undergone a qualitative transformation according to the architectural designs of Stanislav Fiala? How is it possible to do this within the context of a now commercially segmented former palace? A difficult task, placing one at a threshold: try and find a solution, or give up. I decided to try, but I do not remember any other time during my career when I had to counterbalance so many contradictions, the most critical of which was the commercial nature of the building versus its charm for art. I think that, ultimately, peace and quiet was installed in Zdeněk’s venue in that specific way that a gallery requires. All that remains is to wait in anticipation to see if visitors will sense that temple-like loftiness... thus would the task be fulfilled.”
Josef Pleskot, Prague, 14 November 2017