Bohumil Kubišta 130: Graphic Works

10. 9. – 12. 10. 2014

The exhibition of Bohumil Kubišta – graphics, brings several important realities; it praises the 130th birth anniversary of the painter and graphic artist Bohumil Kubišta (1884-1918), one of the leading and most important artists of Czech modern art in the first half of the 20th century, and simultaneously it is the author’s first collective exhibition of his graphic artwork. To highlight this rare occasion, expressing admiration for Kubista’s graphic work and correcting the attitude we have had towards him in this sense, Zdeněk Sklenář publishes a representative monography written by Mahulena Nešlehová, titled Bohumil Kubišta – graphics.
Together with its rich pictorial accompaniment, the publication reveals a whole scale of new information, specifies dating of some artworks and – for the first time – in a comprehensive way, respecting the historical and timely context, assesses the artist’s graphic artwork. Part of the work is a complete pictorial catalogue of Kubista’s graphic artwork, including one matrice and a complex listing of updated biographic and bibliographic information.
Mahulena Nešlehová, September 2014