Laozi Czech Edition

“What is good, needs no defence,
what needs defence is not good.”

“Such is the Dao of the sage,
he acts but does not compete.” 

Laozi – Dao De Jing

The Czech Laozi Edition presents key Czech translations of the Chinese philosopher and poet Laozi’s Dao De Jing, also known as The Book of the Way and Its Power.
It fulfils the long-time dream of the gallerist Zdeněk Sklenář who wanted to give Czech readers the opportunity to discover the second-most translated book in the world as interpreted by four individuals (Rudolf Dvořák, Berta Krebsová, Oldřich Král, and David Sehnal), and within the unique context of the creative expression of five contemporary artists (Krištof Kintera, Milan Grygar, Jan Merta, Karel Malich, and Wu Yi).
Oldřich Král oversaw the publication of the edition.

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