Zdeněk Sklenář’s Monkey King

Sklenář’s The Monkey King represented the Czech Republic at EXPO 2010 in Shanghai in the form of a unique spatial and interactive animation. It was for this event that the gallery published Zdeněk Sklenář’s The Monkey King as a dual-version children’s book and also in the form of a colouring book.

The Monkey King is the protagonist of Wu Cheng’en’s sixteenth-century novel Journey to the West, which is one of the most famous classical Chinese novels of all time. In 1961, Zdena Novotná (later Heřmanová), translated the 1957 Chinese adaptation for children (Si-jou-ťi ku-š’ / Ancient Tales from Journey to the West) for the State Children’s Literature Publishing House under the title The Monkey King, and this Czech version included the iconic illustrations by the painter Zdeněk Sklenář.

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