Laozi / Karel Malich (pastel)

The book Laozi is a fount of ancient Chinese wisdom, and, as such, has been translated into many languages. This, the third bibliophile edition, was translated by David Sehnal from Literary Chinese. Karel Malich made the accompanying artwork. This hand-bound bibliophile edition was published in a print run of 148 copies. The first thirty-three copies (numbered sequentially from 1 to 33) each contain a different, original signed pastel by Karel Malich numbered to match the book number). The copies numbered from 34 to 93 each include a signed print/serigraph numbered 1/60 to 60/60, and the copies numbered 94 to 133 include a signed print/serigraph numbered 1/40 to 40/40, The last fifteen copies are author’s copies and are numbered I to XV, and each includes a signed print/serigraph numbered I/XV to XV/XV.

That same year saw the publication of the first of the four-volume small edition of the illustrated Czech version of Laozi, which represents a major Czech translation of the Daodejing.

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