The Monkey King – How the Monkey King Sun Wukong Became Immortal

At the end of the sixteenth century, the Chinese writer Wu Cheng’en created the Monkey King – Sun Wukong – in his novel Journey to the West, in just the same way that readers, audiences, and listeners from around the world know him today.    The Monkey King was given many forms during his travels across nations and epochs The one that is unforgettable for us, is the one given to him in 1961 by the Czech translator Zdenka Novotná-Heřmanová and Zdeněk Sklenář as his immortal creative companion.

Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář has also published this story in the form of an audio book.

Cast: NARRATOR: Jiří Lábus, SUN WUKONG: Martin Dejdar,SUBHUTI: Marek Eben, EARTHSHAKER: Jiří Schmitzer, DRAGON KING: Ilja Racek, DRAGON QUEEN: Naďa Konvalinková, WOODCUTTER: David Suchařípa, OLD WISE MONKEY: Arnošt Goldflam, SCHOLAR’S, THE KINGS OF DEATH, AND OTHERS: Petr Vršek, Jakub Slach, Daniel Šváb, MONKEYS: Renata Rychlá, Barbora Skočdopolová, and Barbora Vyskočilová

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