Jiří Černický: Non-Utopian Plans

This series of forty-three loose-leaf sheets comprises reproductions of line drawings by Jiří Černický. One of them – Proun Space Station – is printed using colour serigraphy and is included as an original print with each copy of the publication. The copies of the publication are numbered from 1 to 50 and there are twelve artist’s copies numbered from I to XII; the included original prints are numbered from 1/50 to 50/50 and I/XII to XII/XII respectively. All copies of the book and the print are signed by Jiří Černický. A catalogue with texts written by Jiří Černický and Marek Pokorný has been produced to accompany the loose-leaf sheets.

The entire series of works originated gradually, from the start of the 1990s to 2014. The majority are black and white drawings/designs of objects, buildings, installations, and situations with accompanying hand-written instructions and comments. The designs are the preliminary drawings for projects that were never realised because Černický’s ideas appear to be utopian for many reasons. However, his plans that seem to be utopian within the context of one specific region may, when taken in relation to a broader area – such as the European region – may become “normally” implementable, and they are thus non-utopian.

Ultimately, some of his projects were realised – such as his models for the exhibition Wild Dreams, organised in 2016 by the Rudolfinum Gallery in Prague.

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