Lao-tsï – Tao–tek–king

What is thus far the fifth and, for now, the last bibliophile volume in the Czech Laozi Edition presents the original translation of TAO completed by Rudolf Dvořák in 1920, as illustrated by Krištof Kintera.  This hand-bound bibliophile edition was published in a print run of sixty-four numbered copies to accompany the Kintera exhibition entitled NoTimeNoTime..., which was held at Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář in Prague from 16 September to 17 October 2015. Each of the sixty-four copies, sequentially numbered from 1 to 64, includes original input by Krištof Kintera.

That same year saw the publication of the first of the four-volume small edition of the illustrated Czech version of Laozi, which represents a major Czech translation of the Dao De Jing.

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