Josef Hejzlar: How to Cultivate Peace and Calm or Beijing Palaces and Parks in the Paintings of Zdeněk Sklenář and a Reminiscent Essay by Josef Hejzlar
怎样培养宁静与和睦 即是说:兹德涅克·斯科纳绘画中的,约瑟夫·海兹拉尔散文中的北京宫殿与园林

Josef Hejzlar (1927–2012) was inspired to write his reminiscent essay by the paintings of Zdeněk Sklenář (1910–1986). Both stayed in China in the 1950s: the former studied there for several years, the latter worked there for only a few months. Both, however, were enchanted by Chinese culture, traditions, people, and both old and new artists. They roamed the same places in Beijing and perceived the poetry contained within them. Whilst Zdeněk Sklenář incorporated it in his paintings for many years immediately after his return home, Josef Hejzlar reflected on it in his wise, elegant, and gracious essay after more than fifty years. In this way, both the painter and the essayist each individually – although in this book together – captured a China that no longer exists.

This insider’s view of an art historian, sinologist, translator and journalist, as well as an expert on both Czech and Chinese art, has been published in a book designed by graphic artist Zdeněk Ziegler. The text was translated into Chinese by the author’s wife, Taj-ťün Hejzlarová, who is a philosopher, translator, and painter in her own right.
The book was published on the occasion of the 105th anniversary of painter Zdeněk Sklenář’s birth. 

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