Karel Srp (ed.): TYPLT – The Ticking Man

This comprehensive dual-language monograph charts the extensive range of Lubomír Typlt's oeuvre from the 1990s to the present day.  In addition to the large number of reproductions that document in detail the painterly line of Typlt’s works, the artist is also presented in a number of textual and visual references, as well as one of the founders and permanent members of the cult band WWW. This music group has earned the respect from both music critics and the public for its original music that stands on the boundary between experimental hop-hop and electronic music. Typlt is the band’s main songwriter, and it is from one of his songs that this monograph took its title – The Ticking Man.

The art theoretician and curator Karel Srp authored the concept for the publication and starts out the text section of the book with the following observation: “Lubomír Typlt’s paintings sometimes come across as sharp splinters, as slices of unconsciousness that everyone bears within themselves, but which they are afraid to express publicly, or even worry that they might at some point spontaneously expose themselves and bring to the surface that which should have remained concealed in privacy.” 

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