Lao-c´ – Tao te ťing / Wu Yi

This is the third volume in the small illustrated Czech Laozi Edition and it presents Berta Kresbová’s translation of the Dao De Jing. Her now legendary translation was first published by the Odeon Publishing House of Beautiful Literature and the Arts and included illustrations by the painter Zdeněk Sklenář. This new edition of Krebsová’s Dao brings a surprise in the form of illustrations by the contemporary Chinese artist Wu Yi, who adds power to the book and transforms the ingrained traditions of its accompanying artwork. This edition is based on the bibliophile edition published in the previous year in a print run of 110 copies, each of which includes three original prints. The illustrations are based on the pencil drawings that the leading Chinese painter made on Chinese hand-made paper for the Dao De Jing
Wu Yi lived and created his art in Prague in 2013 and 2014. He presented his works at the exhibition Wu Yi – Prague Spring, which was held at Galerie Václav Špála, which was co-organised by the PPF corporation and Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář from 28 November 2013 to 5 January 2014. An eponymous book was published to accompany the exhibition.

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