Jan Merta: Dear Jan!

The catalogue Jan Merta: Dear Jan! was published in conjunction with the eponymous exhibition held at Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář in Prague from 3 February to 19 March 2022.
The sub-title of For Jana and Jiří Ševčík with love expresses Merta’s deep relationship with the respected and unforgettable couple of Czech creative life of the past few decades – the catalogue includes excerpts from the dialogues they conducted over the years. There are two central texts. The first, written by the poet, writer, and literary historian Petr Hruška, leads the reader through Merta’s paintings almost meditatively, with the perspective of an initiated, focused, astute, and zealous pilgrim. Then in the second, the fine arts journalist and curator Lenka Lindaurová briefly introduces the importance of the Ševčíks, the atmosphere of the time, and the associated art activities. Jiří Ševčík (1940–2022) died shortly after the exhibition.

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