Krištof Kintera – NEUROPOLIS

On the occasion of the exhibition of the same name held from 25 August to 7 November 2020 at Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář in Prague and from 14 October 2021 at Gong Gallery in Ostrava-Vítkovice, and on the occasion of Krištof Kintera's 50th birthday, a catalogue was published on 20 September 2023. It is accompanied by short reflections and observations not only by Krištof Kintera, but also by Josef Pleskot and Jan Světlík.

Krištof Kintera (1973), through his exhibition micro world, set a mirror to our global macro world which we have been involved in for a long time but lately at an exponentially accelerating pace - the interconnection and networking of everything, the pursuit of raw materials and energy, the overabundance of products and thus polluting waste, ossified or, on the contrary, too progressive thinking, urgency and the inability to engage in mutually beneficial constructive dialogue. Could a similar change of mind set, a shift of scale, a different type of energy, generosity, humility, hyperbole or humour be at least a partial solution? All this comes to mind when we go through each of Kintera's "non-aesthetic" exhibitions...

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