Karel Srp: Václav Boštík

Karel Srp's monograph about Václav Boštík contains more than five hundred colour reproductions and sixty-three documentary photographs. The list of exhibitions and the bibliography were compiled by Ivo Binder. Soňa Krásná, Martin Polák, Michal Uhde, Petr Špaček, and Zdeněk Sklenář were in charge of seeing this book go to print.

The publication was made to accompany several exhibitions, namely:
Václav Boštík 1913…2005, held at the Prague City Gallery from 15 October 2010 to 9 January 2011;
Václav Boštík 1913...2005, held at the East Bohemian Gallery in Pardubice, Dům U Jonáše, from 20 April to 17 July 2011;
Deep Attraction, held at Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář in Litomyšl from 11 to 30 June 2011; and
Summer Delight with Classics of the Twentieth Century, held at Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář in Prague from 10 August to 29 October 2011.

A revised and updated version is currently being prepared.

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