Karel Srp (ed.): Václav Boštík – About Him and With Him

The book was published on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Václav Boštík (1913–2005). It includes Boštík's own texts, interviews with him, and numerous texts about him. This diverse range of contents, consisting of various articles, comprehensive interviews, excerpts from catalogues, introductions to exhibitions, various reviews, and detailed analyses of the artist’s oeuvre are arranged chronologically.  The entire publication is not only an account of Boštík's inner world and ruminations, but it also shows how the style used to write about art has significantly changed since the 1960s.  

Of the seventy-three texts contained in this anthology, this is the first time a large number of them, taken from transcribed original manuscripts, are presented in print. The texts for the publication were selected and arranged by Karel Srp, who also wrote the preface.

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