Bohuslav Reynek – A Modern Czech Recluse (CHN)
伯胡斯拉夫 ·雷聂克 - 捷克的现代隐士

The first Reynek show held in China enjoyed phenomenal success. Over the course of two weeks (30 April to 15 May 2012), more than 58,000 visitors to the National Gallery of China in Beijing saw the exhibition.  An eponymous book was published to accompany the show, which presented a cross-section of the artist’s oeuvre. It contains almost 140 artworks and is supplemented with Reynek’s poems and period photographs taken by Dagmar Hochová and Jaroslav Krejčí.

This outstanding book, bound in silk and enclosed in a protective cardboard case, boasts excellent print quality, graphic design executed in the spirit of traditional Chinese bookbinding, and texts by Oldřich Král, Aleš Roleček, Jiří Reynek, and leading Chinese art historian Lang Shaojun.

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