LAOZI: The Way and Its Power / Jan Merta (acrylic painting)

Jan Merta took on the task for preparing the concept and artistic design for the second bibliophile publication in the Laozi Czech Edition series with a new translation into Czech by Oldřich Král. Thirty-three copies (1a to 33a) include a signed and numbered acrylic painting; eleven author copies (A.T. Ia to XIa) include a signed and numbered painting; another ninety copies (1b to 90b) include a signed and numbered serigraph; and twenty original copies (A. T. Ib to XXb) contained a signed and numbered serigraph in different colour variations.

The book was published in honour of Professor Oldřich Král’s eightieth birthday. The hand-bound bibliophile edition was launched on 9 November 2010 at the official opening of the exhibition LAOZI – Oldřich Král’s New Czech Translation, Designed and Illustrated by Jan Merta, which was held from 10 to 27 November 2010 at Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář in Prague. 

Language(s):  In Czech only

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