Josef Achrer – RGB3D / 01 / DATA / 240X169, 5MM / 2015 / 16

The catalogue was published to accompany the exhibition Josef Achrer – Dataism and the Infomanic Society, which was held from 6 April to 14 May 2016 at Galerie Zdeněk Sklenář in Prague, at which the artist first presented his manifesto on dataism in addition to his paintings. The works are a part of Achrer’s DATA cycle, which were inspired by his 2013 residency in Beijing, which he describes as “a city full of contrasts, energy, and the RGB world”.   He later started to create intentionally deformed images. The catalogue RGB3D / 01 / DATA / 240X169, 5MM / 2015 / 16 has an original graphic design. It contains Achrer's works accompanied by an article written by the prominent Chinese art historian Lü Peng as well as a brief text written by the artist himself.

The publication received the Most Beautiful Book of the Year Award in the Catalogue Category in 2016, as well as the Prize of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic for, in the words of  Petr Krejzek,  a member of the Visual Arts Committee), “... an extraordinarily modern and precise presentation of a graphic design concept, which interlinks Achrer's abstract art with the reflexes found on the paper pages of the catalogue”.

It is supplemented by the short Manifesto of Dataism and the Infomanic Society.

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