Tomáš Vlček: Vlček on Malich: Reminiscences, Documentary Information, Interpretations 1969–2014

A series of essays summarise the discussions art historian Tomáš Vlček has had with the important contemporary artist Karel Malich over the course of the many years they have been friends. The author recapitulates what his friendship with Malich means to him, and what it made possible. He mentions some of the motifs found in the artist’s creative thinking, which might otherwise remain overlooked.  The accompanying illustrations consist of, firstly, Karel Malich's drawings, and, secondly, Tomáš Vlček’s photographs, which captured the artist's works right at the time they were finished.   Given the fact that some of them no longer exist, this publication is truly unique.

The book was published on the occasion of Karel Malich's ninetieth birthday.

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